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In order to collectively represent the interests of the digital insurance sector at the political and societal level, ten companies from the digital insurance industry have set up the Swiss Association of Digital Insurers.


90 years after the establishment of the Swiss Association of Insurance General Agencies, the insurance sector is seeing new momentum. The following companies are launching the Association of Swiss Digital Insurers (ASAD):


  • AutoMate Insurance AG

  • Assista Rechtsschutz AG (TCS)

  • Creadi AG

  • Dextra Versicherungen AG

  • ELVIA (Digital Insurance of Allianz Suisse)

  • House of Insurtech Switzerland

  • MICA Insurance

  • ONE Versicherung AG

  • versicherungen

  • TONI Digital AG


Switzerland is the first country in Europe with an association of all relevant companies in the digital insurance industry. Pierangelo Campopiano has been elected as the first president. Patrick Eugster and Bernard El Hage will be the vice-presidents. The members are confident that joining forces in an association will help them to better represent their interests in respect of politicians and society as impetus providers, pioneers and drivers of the digital insurance economy. The VDVS is also open to other interested members. Initial talks are held already.

The association aims to promote an exchange between members and to cultivate relationships with other associations and organizations with similar goals, both in Switzerland and abroad. In particular the ASAD is committed to publish relevant market and product data as well as maintaining innovation-driven and customer-friendly operating conditions.

The ASAD will make its first appearance on 28 April at the Finance 2.0/InsurTech conference. There are also plans to visit existing associations in the Swiss insurance sector in the next few months.


Mailing date

Zurich, 25 February 2020


Media contact

Pierangelo Campopiano
+41 44 839 37 07
+41 78 600 10 99

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